Wooden Tool Box 10pcs

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This solid wooden Tool Box set from Viga Toys will have your little carpenter at work in no time! Teach your child about different jobs and how tools can be used to make things. Children learn through role-play, discovery and practicing what they’ve seen. The wooden set includes hammers, wrench, saw, detachable parts and ruler to build dexterity and spatial awareness. The tool box clips closed and has a carry handle for convenience.

The tools won’t rattle when your worker moves from job-to-job as the intricate wooden mechanisms keep all tools securely fastened.

  • Water-based, non-acrylic, non toxic paint
  • Wooden hammer, saw, wrench, ruler and more
  • Includes 10 pieces
  • Measures approx. Size: 29 x 21 x 5.5cm
  • Ages 3 +
Wooden Tool Box 10pcs

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