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Tobbie 2 Micro Bit

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Tobbie II is a programmable DIY robot with an adjustable head and 360-degree free-rotation body that can move independently of its legs!

The Tobbie II Robot combines micro:bit technology with your imagination to create a variety of activities that you can program! The BBC micro:bit is an inexpensive and customisable pocket-sized codeable computer that is super easy to use (included in this kit if you don't have your own).

He can detect temperature, navigate direction, play games and follow commands, bringing more fun than ever to your future programmer!

Simply clip your programmed micro: bit into Tobbie's head to easily to update and test your coding when required!

Tobbie II Features:

Tobbie II is child-friendly and BBC micro: bit ready (included).
He includes all the electronic components, a motor and an IR sensor for interactive fun.
His front screen is equipped with 25 programmable LED's, text, numbers and emotion icons.
You can program him to follow your commands or control him via bluetooth from your smart phone, tablet or preferred device. Desktop, laptop, iOS and Android mobile devices are all supported.
The accessible coding platform allows your child to run many fun games with Tobbie, including Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bowling, Light Tracker, Notice Board and Guess the Number!
Tobbie is equipped with heat sensors and a compass module for temperature detection and compass navigation.
There are 12 programs available for download.
Program with ease in Javascript Blocks Editor, MakeCode, Scratch 3 or Python Editors (for more advanced coders). You don't even need to download the software or drivers!
Tobbie is a great tool for the classroom and is perfect for teaching coding on the micro:bit platform.

Children will remain challenged and engaged (while still having fun), as they incorporate problem-solving and creativity!

Dimensions of robot: 13.8cm (w) x 16.5cm (h) x 12.6cm (d).

Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included)

Ages 10+

Tobbie 2 Micro Bit
Tobbie 2 Micro Bit
Tobbie 2 Micro Bit
Tobbie 2 Micro Bit
Tobbie 2 Micro Bit
Tobbie 2 Micro Bit