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Mini Micro Deluxe LED Sapphire

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For the brightest kids on the block! The Mini Micro Deluxe light-up scooter is the ultimate toddler scooter rolled in with LED wheels that light up when you scoot. These motion-powered LED wheels generate light through dynamo mechanics. This means there is no need to worry about replacing batteries or the lights going out. An exciting addition to the Mini Micro Deluxe you already know and love.

The 3-wheel Mini Micro Deluxe LED is the ideal pre-schooler scooter with the intuitive lean-to-steer system that supports younger children in developing your child's balance and coordination. The adjustable handlebar allows the scooter to grow with your children safely while they negotiate pavements and explore without the help of parents. This lightweight scooter has the added safety feature of an extra grip silicone-injected deck for stability. Whilst the anodised T-bar protects from rust.

For ages 2 - 5 years
Light-up LED wheels
Unique silicone raised deck
Anodised stem protects from corrosion
Develops balance skills
Stable 3 wheel design
Intuitive lean-to-steer action
Lightweight design
Wide non-slip deck, low to the ground
Quality non-marking wheels
Mini Micro Deluxe LED Sapphire
Mini Micro Deluxe LED Sapphire
Mini Micro Deluxe LED Sapphire
Mini Micro Deluxe LED Sapphire