Bubble Lab Experiment Kit

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Galt - Bubble Lab Science Kit is packed with everything you need in order to experiment and learn about the science of bubbles! Learn how to blow MEGA bubbles, create 3D bubble shapes, make a bubble snake and discover wacky water tricks along the way with this fun STEM-inspired Bubble Lab Kit.

Includes a full colour Lab Book with 7 fun experiments that encourage scientific thinking and learning for kids from 5 years and up!
Ages 5+ 

Materials: A Full colour 16-page Lab booklet, Bubble Solution and Bubble Wand, Glycerine, Funnel and Washer, 2 Wooden Sticks, 12 Connectors, and 20 Reusable Straws (18 Clear and 2 Striped), a Balloon, 2 Rubber Bands and String, Printed Card Pieces and Stickers.

Bubble Lab Experiment Kit

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