Aussie Scrabble

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It's one of the most beloved family board games, but now it comes with a uniquely Aussie twist.
Technically Australians speak English. But we all know Australian English is basically nonsense to anyone outside our island home. We love a nickname or a cheeky colloquialism and the rules of Scrabble just don't respect of need to shorten words. Until now!
Embrace all the best Aussie-isms with this awesome authentic Scrabble game!

Scrabble with classic Aussie phrases
Strewth cards mix it up
Great Australiana gift for tourists or Australia Day

Includes Playing board, 36 strewth cards, 4 racks, 100 letter tiles, cotton tile pouch, rule book & lingo list
Ages 10+
Players: 2-4 people
Aussie Scrabble
Aussie Scrabble
Aussie Scrabble
Aussie Scrabble

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