Mastermind Game

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Test your code-cracking prowess with Mastermind, "the challenging game of logic and deduction".

Try to break your opponent's hidden code by guessing which color pegs he's used and the order he's placed them in. With over two thousand possible combinations, Mastermind boggles the mind every time! 

The code maker sets a code of four coloured pegs behind a flip-up shield. Your mission: replicate the code in 10 moves or fewer. With each of the codebreaker's attempts, the code maker uses red and white key pegs to offer cryptic clues about colour and position.

Make the game even more difficult by using multiple pegs of the same colour or by leaving one or more peg holes empty. With more than 2,000 possible code combinations, every game is guaranteed to be a brain-bender. All of Mastermind's components can be stored in the game board's built-in storage tray. Also includes a code sheet.

Ages 8+

Mastermind Game

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