Growing Penguin Egg

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Astonish your friends and family as your new pet penguin is born and grows bigger every day.
Impress them with your knowledge of the natural world after reading our fun key facts as you learn important information about the penguin species.

1. Completely submerge the egg in a container of water
2. Within 12--24 hours the eggshell will break and the penguin will begin to hatch
3. Once the egg has completely broken open, leave the open egg in the water and the crocodile will continue to grow to full size within a couple of days.
4. If you would like to remove the penguin from the shell and place it on its own in the water, you can watch it grow daily.

Product size: 9 x 13 x 7.5 cm
Ages 5 +

Price is for 1 egg.

Growing Penguin Egg
Growing Penguin Egg
Growing Penguin Egg
Growing Penguin Egg

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