Meiya and Alvin

Soft Stacker Squeaker Alvin

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Alvin Elephant stacker is made of soft, safe fabrics and natural rubber from the Hevea Aubl tree. This organic, multi-functional soft pyramid of sensory activity includes

-A rubber teether in the form of a circle
-Two soft round rattles with different noises
-Soft pipe with the head of Alvin elephant centred in the stacking rings
20 cm high

Age: 0+

Meiya & Alvin rubber is obtained from rubber forests under sustainable forest management.
The fleece used for filling is obtained from the recycling of PET bottles transformed into safe polyester fibers, i.e. popular POLAR
The dyes used for coloring and painting are based 100% on dyes of plant origin, neutral to human health, because they do not contain the AZO group .
Meiya & Alvin cardboard packaging are made of recycled paper and the print is made of non-toxic soybean oil paints.
Soft Stacker Squeaker Alvin