Watch- black / red band time teacher

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The beautifully designed children's watch has To and Past on the face, and Hour and Minute on the hands; it is also colour-coded for each half of the hour, with inner ring markings from 0 to 30 on the right side, and reverse markings up the left side [to read 25 to, 20 to,1/4 to etc]

This watch is designed to help younger kids learn how to tell the time.

Perfect time teacher watch for young kids ages 5 -10 years
Easy to read and tell the time - educational face design
Colour: Black / Soccer ball
Composition: Plastic case, silicone band
New trending 2019 fashionable design
Movement: Japanese Seiko movement
Size: L 200mm, case W 29mm

Ages 5+

Watch- black / red band time teacher