2-IN-1 TryBike

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The Trybike Steel 2-in-1 balance bike was designed and developed in The Netherlands after many years of experience with balance bikes. It's made from the best materials with the most durable construction and quality finish. 

You can see the value with a recommended age from 12 months - 6 years! 


Seat height: adjustable from 30 cm to 45 cm
Weight:6.3 kg as a tricycle, 5.2 kg as a bicycle
Brakes: feet (handbrakes don't work at these ages)
Wheels: 12-inch spoked steel wheels with nylon bushings,sealed smooth cartridge ball bearings and extra wide rubber inflatable tires
Steering limiter: no safety limiter for more maneuverability in three-wheel-mode
Colours : White Vintage
Unique small turning radius
Quick-release seat fastener
Easy to assemble and to convert
Unique control disk for the back wheel to ensure perfect wheel positioning
2 options for height of the front wheel
Unique footrest to learn even better balancing

2-IN-1 TryBike
2-IN-1 TryBike
2-IN-1 TryBike
2-IN-1 TryBike

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